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My Personal Approach 

I have led or sat as a board member on at least fifteen States Authorities or committees and I am always well briefed with, at times, the best attendance record. My 16 years involved with legislation have repaid my mother's faith in financing my university honours law degree!

I was proud to be voted island wide as Guernsey's second disability champion, and have informally finished second in press and Submarine island wide polls but this is the first time for me officially!  I ask more testing questions than any other deputy in recent years.

Please read my Manifesto, and my answers to key questions you may have. I also invite you to view my political record and foundation.

For the community of Guernsey...


  • I bring unique Experience, Outlook, Knowledge and Continuity

  • I offer a balanced common sense non ideological perspective

  • I listen to the experts, and to the people and make my mind up

  • I am not afraid to change my mind and move on when circumstances evolve

  • I will work hard and constructively with anyone from any party, group or point of view 
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